Established in Israel, Mycolivia is a leading company in the field of research and development of mushroom based dietary supplements.
The company incorporates nature, ancient tradition and advanced scientific research to develop, based on these elements, products of uncompromising quality, utilizing in full the inherent strengths of the mushroom kingdom.
Mycolivia is committed to continuous research and development, innovation, principles of organic growth and production and the absolute quality of our nutritional supplements – for the health and well-being of our customers.
Mushrooms have been studied for many years and are thought to have supporting, reinforcing, balancing and even system affecting properties on the human body.
Mushrooms are a whole food, a SUPER FOOD, containing: protein, B and D2 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In many studies, mushrooms have been found to be effective in strengthening the immune system, improving energy and vitality levels, balancing the nervous system, improving memory and regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


We see a great mission in disseminating and imparting knowledge by operating counseling centers to assist people in taking personal responsibility for their own health.

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