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Mycolivia believes in the wisdom of mushrooms. The divine connection between body and mind is to believe, and Believing is being responsible and knowledgeable about the power of nature and its creation.

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A few months ago, I started having disturbing frequent hot flashes. With "Myco Woman" supplement.
I tried it and found it to be excellent.


Tel Aviv


I decided to experiment and took the "Myco Protect" because I used to get sick often. Since the continuous use of Myco Protect, I feel that even when I have a cold, my body is more robust and manages to fight off the disease. Highly recommend!

Orly Abutbul



I have been suffering from severe heat waves for years that have affected my quality of life daily.
With your naturopathic recommendation, I started taking the Myco Women capsules, and the miracle did happen.

Rachel Niv



For those of you who get sick frequently. Mycolivia saved my life. I had a fragile immune system, but with the help of Myco Protect - I feel much healthier.

Batia Machlis