Production Process


Our production process begins long ago and far away, in the mushroom world.  The various types, after being collected, tested and found to be the best, healthiest varieties with the most stable active ingredients, were registered as unique species by Mycolivia in Holland’s World Species Bank.

Strain cultures were provided under agreement to growing farms in China, where experts grow the mushrooms according to an optimal protocol supervised by Mycolivia representatives. The mushroom farmers in China have been doing so for centuries as a profession that is passed down from father to son and they are thought of as artists in their field.

At the end of the growth cycle, the mushrooms are transferred to the plant for production. The drying, extraction and production plant adheres to the most stringent and highest medical standards in accordance with the strict quality standards and control universally accepted in the Western world.

The plant produces tons of mushrooms a year and provides raw materials to factories in many advanced countries in the world including:  the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, and many others.

The process begins with the mushrooms being sorted, cleaned and dried.  After drying, the mushrooms undergo a mechanical crushing procedure. Some are grounded into a regular powder and some are extracted in hot water. All mushrooms, ordinary powders and powders derived from extracts, go through a series of rigorous tests to detect the presence of various types of substances, which start with microbiological examinations, testing for metals, and following up with deep material analysis such as for polysaccharides and glucans, triterpenes and triterpenoids. Upon completion of the tests and approval, the mushrooms are sent to Israel.

In Israel, the mushrooms are re-evaluated – first by the Ministry of Health, and then by Mycolivia, who then submit them to a standardization process that was developed by experts in this field. We believe that this process is essential to ensure the materials are natural and that the quality of the mushrooms meets the same standard for every crop.  At this final stage the mushrooms are mixed and prepared into unique formulas at one of the two factories in Israel specializing in the production of nutritional supplements: Eshbel Functional Food Ltd. and Medicinal Herbs Laboratories Ltd.  These factories work under the Ministry of Health and meet the highest standards of safety and quality (GMP, KOSHER, HACCP, ISO). Capsules are vegetarian and contain no preservatives and no anti-caking agents such as Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide, which help keep the mushrooms powder in capsules from sticking to processing equipments. There, the process of capsulation, jarring, and packaging is carried out and the final products are shipped out.