The nature inherent in the mushroom kingdom

The nature inherent in the mushroom kingdom

Our story is about the strength of the family spirit that abides in all of us as well as the power of the connection between the human desire to alleviate suffering and pain, to ignite scientific curiosity and the excellent knowledge that exists around us.

Our Story

Kobi and Nachshol Cohen, two brothers in their thirties - one international businessman and the other a pharmaceutical chemist in his final year of study, learned that their father had developed aggressive cancer. The brothers began actively seeking additional ways to cope with their father's illness along with the traditional treatments he had been receiving in the hospital. Their journey brought them to Asia and Japan, where they discovered that some cancer treatment centers used various medicinal mushrooms for healing purposes.

Following several months of treatment with medical mushrooms, there was relief in their father's suffering. Therefore, the brothers decided to bring the gospel of medicinal mushrooms to a greater general public and increase awareness of this knowledge among as many people as possible in Israel and worldwide. They set up farms to cultivate mushrooms and began a long process of advanced scientific research with professor Solomon Wasser of the University of Haifa - one of the world's leading mushroom experts. They studied and examined the world of mushrooms for years, from the selection of varieties to the analysis of the safety of the mushrooms and their contribution to human health.


Today Mycolivia controls and supervises the entire production process, from the field to the final product, and constantly conducts advanced research and development processes for research, studying, and improving the product and service to the people.

The Cohen brother's long journey, taking almost five years and an investment of millions, involved tracking down the scientific data and conducting extensive research and development until a final product was created. We collaborate with the most advanced conventional medical centers and cooperate with doctors, integrative therapists, nutritionists, and others who support various medical conditions. Mycolivia prides itself on its spiritual core while adhering to the highest scientific, professional, responsible, and safe practices.